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A story unlike any other…

Based on historical events, The Last White Slave, tells an unforgettable story set in the old south.


Prepare to be shocked, excited, angered and thoroughly entertained when you follows the unforgettable journey of The Last White Slave: Part One & Part Two!


The superhero of the west

Hello; my name is Morgan Matthew McCoy III. I grew up near the small coal mining town of Pottsville Pennsylvania. At 18 years of age we moved to Tombstone Arizona; my father was a mining engineer.

My childhood was full of confusion, despair, sadness, a very disappointed father; a very loving mother, a thick leather strap, many tears, and a saving angel.

During my growing years in Pennsylvania, during our wagon train trip to the West, and after our settlement in Tombstone; problems and trouble seemed to find me at every turn. There just seemed like there were bad men everywhere; sometimes the bad person was me.

Because of some special God given talents, though no wish of my own, I became the greatest UNKNOWN gun fighter, protector of the innocent, and healer of the sick and injured; the West had ever; NOT KNOWN!