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The Last White Slave: Part One & Part Two

Hello, my name is Matthew Michael McCall III, and this is my story.

My story is not the story I would have ever wished upon myself, or, even considered, would be my life. What I discovered was; you can plan your life, but you cannot plan life. Such life came to me, from everywhere, from every direction. I was not out looking for it. I did the best I could, most of the time.

I was born in 1842 and grew up on a large plantation of 5000 acres; in the great State of Virginia, just outside Lynchburg.

I have two sisters; Virginia and Scarlett. My older sister, Virginia was named after the state of Virginia and is a year older than me; while Scarlett is 2 years younger.

I spent much of my growing years learning how to shoot, hunt, throw knives, use a bow and arrow, use a sword, even use a tomahawk, and track. I also had an unusual talent, unlike anyone else I ever met; I could remember everything I ever read. I was by far the smartest person my family knew, even at a young age.

I grew into a tall, well-muscled, and very good-looking young fellow, or, so I was told. Overall, I was superior in all ways, intelligence, skills, body, athletic abilities, etc.; over all others, even the adults, by the time I was 16.

Added together; such would benefit many others, serve my family well, and provide for my downfall. Sometimes, all at the same time.

As we begin, I will tell you a few stories about my skills and abilities, along with some background information you will need to know; which will help you keep my life in context, with the time I lived. Such will allow you to fully understand when my life changed forever; in ways I could not have imagined.

Come along with my journey of life; I promise you; my story is like no story you have ever read before.


Tombstone: The superhero of the west

Hello; my name is Morgan Matthew McCoy III. I grew up near the small coal mining town of Pottsville Pennsylvania. At 18 years of age we moved to Tombstone Arizona; my father was a mining engineer.

My childhood was full of confusion, despair, sadness, a very disappointed father; a very loving mother, a thick leather strap, many tears, and a saving angel.

During my growing years in Pennsylvania, during our wagon train trip to the West, and after our settlement in Tombstone; problems and trouble seemed to find me at every turn. There just seemed like there were bad men everywhere; sometimes the bad person was me.

Because of some special God given talents, though no wish of my own, I became the greatest UNKNOWN gun fighter, protector of the innocent, and healer of the sick and injured; the West had ever; NOT KNOWN!

My great fame came, not just because of my many feats, but from the fact I was able to keep my identity a secret. Thus; I became known as “The Ghost”. How did I do so? I had secrets of my own.

My story will tell you; while the likes of my friends Wyatt Earp and his brothers; Morgan, Warren, and Virgil, along with Wyatt’s good friends; Doc Holiday and Bat Masterson; became the famous ones; it was me who was the real law; the real protector of the people. It was me who helped Wyatt Earp finish the outlaw group known as; THE COWBOYS!

I have killed more bad men than all the famous lawmen put together. It was me. Well; let me not tell you the end of my story now. Let me just say you will be surprised to know the answer to two of the West’s most famous mysteries.

How did I accomplish such without becoming famous myself; how did I hide my identity? That answer is what made my life the most unusual of lives. That answer is what made me; who I became;